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From the head – To the heart – To the head – Out of your mouth as words.

This is the ESSENCE of the Potensia Communication Method.

Not to be able to communicate with the people in your life will always lead to some kind of bad relationships.

It will, in the long run, make your body sick. It will provoke pains, muscular tensions and anger because you do not speak out what you know you need to.

Every cell in your body will be affected as well as your hormonal system.

Churning thoughts in your head will not give you solutions but fear, headache and sleepless nights.

All that, is something you can get rid of with this method!

“Learn how to communicate in an honest, straight forward and considerate way, without fear of the consequences, and you will get rid of the pain and sleepless nights.”

This method will bring out your un-used resources…… YOUR POTENTIAL!

You will learn how to use your energy on important things.

You will learn how you can use your words in such a way that whatever you want to say will feel correct in accordance to the cause and to who you are, in any situation – I can guarantee that!

Everybody who has used this method, has done so with great success which resulted in huge changes in their lives, with a feeling of relief.

Sounds like big words? Yes – but it is the truth.

The Potensia Method teaches you to communicate with yourself and the surrounding world in a credible manner and thus you will be able to reach your GOALS.

Teachings and Coaching with Tina

Working with me in person will accelerate your results!

Your goal is that you want to be able to communicate in such a way that your message will be understood. Your fear of consequences of what you need to say will not rule you, but your message will.

‘You’ can be an individual, a group, an institution or a business.

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