What is the Potensia Method?

The Potensia Method is based on actual knowledge about how the brain, our senses and body all function in interaction when we communicate.

The Potensia Method teaches you to communicate with yourself and the surrounding world in a credible manner and thus you will be able to reach your goals. 

When you understand how to play on the same team as your brain and physical abilities, you will be able to consciously make beneficial changes in your mindset. And that will benefit you in several ways, not only with communication.

You will learn how to communicate in a credible and congruent manner. That is that all parts of you do agree to the message you want to bring forth to the counterpart when you communicate.

In other words, your mental, psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual part do all agree in what you know you have to say. Thus your message will derive from you being congruent and therefore listened to.

The First 5 steps of the Potensia Method are:

  1. We make a map of who you are and why you want to use the Method.
  2. We sort your issues into different sections that are either useful or not.
  3. We eliminate that which you do not need any more.
  4. We implement your new thought pattern with exercises.​
  5. We integrate your new thought pattern with actions.