Trine Normann;

“I met Tina Hessel in Spain. She was teaching UHM Pilates.
A fantastic way to work with the body. And then this ssss – breathing which I did not even know existed, which would become a daily exercise. Daily Pilates on my own I did not follow up that much. I am a certified arts therapist, educated in Denmark. I have used that therapy myself for years. It is a very good method to become conscious. I came to a certain point and there I have been standing, for many years. Parts of me did not want to realize the aspect of spirituality, I had a problem to accept a conscious relationship towards it. Tina announced a communication course. Something told me that I should sign up. Thought and done. After one week she sent me a mail and asked why I had signed up. I really had not thought about that. I had to think why I had. I wrote an email to Tina and told parts of my story. I do not know why, but Tina called me and the result was that I did receive some one to one coaching hours with her. After two sessions with her, so much of what I had been carrying around in my life, did finally resolve. My fears and my inner secrets. She started a process I did not even have the slightest idea about could be possible….because now my heart was connected to the rest of me. Mental thinking was bypassed.

I am so grateful! We have not finished yet but the journey so far has been very good for me. I am transforming a lot of old stuff into freedom and a new potential. Things I can not use for my life are gone. I have painted a picture which became my expression for this experience.
-My potential.
-My responsibility.”

Ewa Sivertsen

“Potensia Method helps me to sort out my thoughts and my desires, and it helps me to ground myself when I feel everything around me is chaotic and doesn’t make sense. After I started to utilize the exercises and the principles of Potensia, something started to change. Things, persons, situations according to my heart begun to come to me effortlessly and I can experience more movement in previous fixed situations. Potensia is powerful and the power is within yourself!”

Geir Bodin

It was very easy to receive the trust in the course by Tina Hessel, by how it was based on scientific knowledge. It was interesting to experience how my brain and body interact, either to sabotage or to enhance my communication skills. I learned how to lead myself and I noticed how that influenced the people around me. By following the Potensia Method and being persistent in doing my exercises, I am now strongly moving against my goals and at the same time I lead my life consciously into the present.

Carina Simms

“Potensia helps me to find strength from within. To find clarity in life’s situations and know that the action I take is my action and the right action for me. This brings me congruency, inner peace and happiness. This book nails it. Thank you!”

Stephanie Bonnie